Growing guides

Here are links to the best and most current growing guides on the site, others can be accessed from the menu above. From chitting potatoes to growing show bench sweet peas, you’ll find something here to help you along.

Propagating table

Making propagating benches

Earlier this year I came to the conclusion that there was no way I could continue to produce the plants ...
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Toilet roll pots

Toilet roll pots, a better way

I saw this a little while ago as a better way of making toilet roll pots, I can't lay claim ...
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Euphorbia wulfenii

Euphorbia cuttings

This time of year is ideal for taking Euphorbia cuttings before they start to put on too much growth in ...
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Sweet peas

Growing sweet peas

No English cottage garden would be complete without some structure draped in sweet peas, as a climber they'll get up ...
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Chitting potato

Chitting potatoes

Chitting potatoes is the process of growing string healthy shoots on the tubers before you plant them. We've all seen ...
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