Gardening is housework

Dead headed rose

If I was to hoover a room in the house that would be housework, if was to rake the lawn that would be gardening. If I was to dust a shelf that would also be housework but deadheading my roses is gardening. It would be wonderful to love housework, to get great pleasure from mopping […]


The River Frome

The statistics around loneliness are quite startling and although it’s well known that is is a major problem in society, especially as people get older there aren’t many places that actively support the lonely. There are charities such as the Campaign to End Lonelines that are at the forefront of tackling the problem helping people to […]

Ornamental grasses in a small space

Ornamental grasses are an often overlooked feature of smaller gardens and something that are expected to occupy their own large grass border. If you haven’t the space then why have your own collection as they’ll take up precious space, well this isn’t the case and it’s a myth that we can help dispel. Grasses come […]

Allotment gardens

Allotment pond

The allotments that I have are rented to us as ‘allotment gardens’ and that’s exactly how I treat mine, as a garden, just one that’s mostly vegetables. If you don’t have a garden or green space at home then this is an ideal way to get yourself one. Allotments are traditionally for growing food, this […]

The Echiums that were

Dying Echium 'Snow Tower'

Be prepared I was always told, the boy scouts motto. I’ve tried in many cases and been a good parent to my plants but with limited space sometimes you take a chance. I have a couple of Echium ‘Snow Tower’ that I picked up from the excellent Frenchay Hardy Plants last year and that had grown […]